Small Business Guide to Local Advertising with Google Ads

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Whether you're a small, medium or large local business, if you're local you need to target your advertising to your local customers.  If you think the Yellow Pages can do it for you, check out my article:  The Decline of the Yellow Pages.  The Yellow Pages are not targeted and they are not cost-effective.  Google Ads is both.  First, you will need to start a new Campaign.  Within your campaign settings you can choose your city or possibly your state as your targeted location; your ads will only appear to people in the area you choose.  That gives you location targeting, but you may also want to target specific sites on the Google Partner Network, such as Google Maps, where you want to focus your advertising; you can either specify or exclude sites on the network.  You can also choose to focus all of your advertising on the Google Network and exclude Google Search results.  You might choose this option if you found that competing for a 1st page listing on Google Search was taking too much of your advertising budget.  Or if you choose to include Google Search, you may want to use a different CPC (cost-per-click) for the Google Network, since you can usually get good exposure on the network for a lower CPC.  If you make that choice, you will have to choose manual bidding, rather than allowing Google to bid for you automatically.  With automatic bidding, Google will try to get you 1st page placement or as high up the list as your maximum CPC will allow until you recieve enough clicks on your ad to use up your daily advertising budget, then your ad will stop appearing for that day.

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These are the basic settings to be aware of when designing a locally-targeted Ads campaign.  To monitor the success of your campaign, you should always integrate Google Analytics into your website.  When it comes to designing your actual ad and choosing your searchable keywords.   The keywords or keyword phrases you choose should always be relevant to your site content.  It can also be helpful to use negative keywords so that your ad only appears to your specific audience.  If you get stuck on one of these steps, you can always refer to the Google Ads Guide for more help.

There are a lot of details to consider in designing effective ads and in choosing effective keywords and keyword phrases.  This guide is just to help you get started.  If you would like more help setting up your Ads account and developing an effective internet marketing strategy, I only charge $125 as a one-time consultation and set-up fee.  I don't charge a monthly maintenance fee because I want you to get the most possible from your advertising dollar.  Instead, I show you how to analyze and manage you own ad campaign.  If you would like assistance refining your current campaign and exploring other internet advertising options, I have very reasonable rates.

And if you don't have a website for you business yet, I can help you create one.

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