Small Business Website Design with SEO Included

Custom 3 to 4-Page Websites

Send it ExpressJohn's Landing Automotive

I am a self-employed web designer with low overhead, so I can build a custom website for you for at a very reasonable price.  Every website I create has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built in, so your business can be found in search results, and I will link your site to your Google Maps listing, so people who find your business there can easily get the information and images that convert them into customers.

I am a small businessman, and I like to help other small business people, so if you need a little more than a 3-page site but you budget is limited, it's always worth it to e-mail me. I will help you out at a price you can afford.

More Informative Websites

Auto MaxJennifer Cain PhD

When you want to present your business more fully with multiple pages, slideshows, various sections, news, blogs, or events, I have a variety of solutions for you, including websites you can easily edit yourself to add new information, specials, coupons, etc. E-mail me, and I will find an affordable custom solution for you.

Wordpress, Joomla & Google Websites

PathwaysGo DJ Chicago

And for those of you who like to add to your site on your own or want comments or forums, I can expertly custom-design Wordpress, Joomla or Google Sites, content-management systems that allow you to expand your site as needed and embellish it with the thousands of free plug-ins available.  These websites vary in price, depending on the number of pages and content, but generally they are about $150 per page.

It's always worth it to call me at or e-mail me, to find a solution that fits your budget.

E-Commerce:  OpenCart, Google Store Gadget, PayPal Shopping Cart & More

British Parts DirectTrackForged

Whether you need a full online store or just want to sell a few e-books, mp3's or digital downloads, I am experienced in creating low-cost and secure e-commerce solutions.  I am an OpenCart specialist.  I can also integrate a shopping cart or digital download page into your existing site.  I will customize your e-commerce experience so it really works for you.  These websites vary in price, depending on the number of pages and products.

Here is my OpenCart help page:

It's always worth it to e-mail me. so I can find an e-commerce solution that you can afford.

Whatever you design needs, I can satisfy them at price that is well below the competition.  I can give your business the personal attention it needs, and I can integrate your website with Google Maps and Google Ads to create an effective marketing strategy that gives you the customers you want at a price you can afford.

10am to 6pm
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